Spa hotel in Méribel

The peak of relaxation in the 3 Valleys

Hôtel L’Hélios Méribel

Jerusalem marble, soft curtains, leather chaise longue ... an atmosphere of well-being envelops you! The Spa by Payot invites to the trip, to the voluptuousness. It consists of two cabins, a steam room and an infinity pool with massage jets.


Spa by Payot

A haven of indulgence at the heart of the hotel

Hôtel L’Hélios Méribel

The Spa by Payot offers a world of personalized treatments dedicated to the beauty of the face and body. Men and women can take advantage of different formulas to "get a makeover". Beauty programs to discover also over several days in our spa in Méribel.

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Hôtel L’Hélios Méribel
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 Hôtel L’Hélios Méribel
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